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Loyal hardcore fierce customer since 2006.  have been here with my girlfriend and guests,

with my father and brother, with friends and everyone agrees that this is the best Korean

BBQ in Los Angeles.   We have tried others including Parks! but we keep returning here for

the great service, the great quality of food and the awesome athmosphere that is inviting and

comfortable.  Our usual stay is about 2 hours and we never leave disappointed always with a huge smile and a full belly!

Best regards to the entire staff on a job very well done!

Hector H.'s Review

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    5.0 star rating <meta content="5.0" itemprop="ratingValue"> <meta content="2009-09-24" itemprop="datePublished">9/24/2009

    This is by far the best Korean BBQ I've been to.  And I've been to quite a few. It was my first Korean Venture and has been my comfort restaurant every time I've tried a questionable or poor service KBBQ Restaurant.  I particularly keep coming back for the Kimchi Pancake.
    Never have I seen another one like it.  So good, one is never enough.  short ribs and brisquet are one of the best I've tried.  And the kuddle fish is awesomely huge and tasty.  I recomend this place for any new comers to KBBQ.  Finally the staff is always friendly and very helpful for begginers

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