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[YELP] reviewed by Lucy Y. on 4/13/2012

2012.04.23 02:05

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My fatty meat tooth was totally satisfied here!  There was close to an hour wait, and the stone grill was SUPER smoky - like blinding clouds of smoke in my eyes, smoky.  But my tummy was happily full when I left.

Short ribs (unmarinated)
Short ribs (marinated)
Pork Belly (thin sliced)
Beef tongue

Banchan here is sparse - but that's okay:

Kimchi cabbage
Kimchi beansprouts
Spicy fishcake
Potato salad
Pickled daikon shreds
Kimchi pancake (YUM! Crispy edged, chewy, hot)
Steamed egg

The condiments for the meat were super yummy:

Rice wraps
Radish wraps
Miso paste
Sesame & salt dipping sauce
Soy & garlic dipping sauce

The servers were all super attentive.  They brought more meat immediately, and cooked it whenever they passed by.

It was a little strange to cook on that stone thing, because I'm used to having a grill.  It made the meats a little watery sometimes, but it didn't need to be changed out like a grill.  Since I like my meat super rare, it was fine.  But if you like the charred-ness of a grill, you may be disappointed.

At $40-ish for two AYCE dinners and a soda, this was meaty heaven!  They're open til 2am, which makes it even more awesome.  It doesn't surprise me that they were an hour wait even on this weeknight.  

Yes, I'd totally come back.