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About Us


Hae Jang Chon offers a varied AYCE KBBQ menu with 33 options to choose from, including both unmarinated and marinated meats, seafood, vegetarian selections like kimchi pancakes, and more adventurous options like beef intestines. All dishes are cooked on two-inch-thick Korean stone grills, and because of the perpetually large amount of humans inside, things can get real smoky at Hae Jang Chon, nerve-wracking because the décor is mostly mahogany wood.

What are the benefits of a stone grill?
A grilling stone helps to distribute heat evenly, which results in more uniform cooking of your food.

When you cook your food at the high temperature of the stone, it allows your meat or fish to cook in its natural juices, mitigating the need for oils or fats. This results in a healthier meal that tastes great!

Our Story

HaeJangChon was established as an all you can eat Koran BBQ restaurant in 2002. Because most all you can eat Korean barbecue places in Koreatown Los Angeles do not serve fresh, high quality meats, we decided to fill this void Our many satisfied customers know that when it comes to all you can eat, or AYCE, Korean BBQ, HaeJangChon is the only restaurant that serves high quality BBQ meats that are on par with top-tier non all you can eat Korean BBQ establishments. In fact, many of our customers know that our all you can eat Korean BBQ even surpasses most non all you can eat Korean BBQ places, in terms of meat quality, taste and freshness. We use USDA Choice or higher .A personable and friendly staff, and our comfortable atmosphere make the HaeJangChon a perfect meeting place for any occasion. Come and indulge yourself in our endless all you can eat Korean BBQ for the best in taste and dining satisfaction! 

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